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Inventing it on the Fly

Inventing It On The Fly

Born just outside Toronto, Martin Short is the youngest of five children. When he was 12 years old his eldest brother died in a car accident. Six years later his mother died of cancer, and two years after that his father passed away from a stroke. Then after 30 years of marriage, his wife died … Continue reading »

Leadership in the 21st Century

Leadership In The 21st Century

How the Teacher, the Learner, the Mobiliser, and the Giver will help modern workers bring their entire selves to the office The New World Demands New Kinds Of Leadership Nearly 20 years ago, Meghan Messenger joined Next Jump, a company that administers loyalty programs for some of the biggest organisations in the world. Over the … Continue reading »

A Quiet Renaissance

A Quiet Renaissance

What does a top engineer at Volvo in Sweden, a creative director at Nike in Sao Paolo and a senior consultant at EY in Jakarta all have in common? They are all folks I’ve recently met who have made the leap. They’ve abandoned their cushy jobs in the pursuit of something unknown, something exciting. The … Continue reading »

People, Purpose & Production

People, Purpose & Production

It’s an exciting time. Never before has there been a movement in the history of human labour so potent and so fierce. Elasticity is becoming the norm in our working practices and inside our organisations. All of it enabled and amplified through technology — the expansive and exponential network of ideas, value and growth. Organisations … Continue reading »

Innovation By Design

Innovation By Design

Fifteen years ago in the Design issue of Wired, an article appeared outlining Polaroid’s five-year strategic plan. Just 8 months later the company filed Chapter 11. The ‘new company’ formed in its aftermath declared bankruptcy again several years later. For real. Corporate failure aside, we all have a warm and fuzzy place in our 💚 … Continue reading »


Business Design Toolkit

Yes, there’s a plethora of tools out there to help you startup in business. Whether you’re one of those naysayers that thinks to themselves, “Oh toolkit my ass”, or a well seasoned toolkit ninja — the Business Design Toolkit, if anything — is straightforward. So far it’s proven great for making ideas happen and can benefit, really, anyone. It … Continue reading »


Wet Dreams Of Vancouver

Sitting at an overcrowded 49th parallel I’m reminded of the caffeine peddling, downward dog posing, juice truck cleansing, pot puffing and vitamin popping stereotype that marks the quintessential Vancouverite. Granted few individuals are engaging in all of these activities regularly, or simultaneously for that matter. But typecasts exist for a reason, and I can’t help … Continue reading »

Future of Work Sessions

Future Of Work Sessions

Collaboration & Innovation Every once in a while you have one of those conversations — food for thought that changes not just how you think but potentially how you act. Exploring the future of work with a bunch of folks a week ago, I was part of such a conversation. The dialogue flowed late into the evening … Continue reading »

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