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Accelerating Accelerators

Accelerating Accelerators

If the title of this post looks familiar it’s probably because: (1) You saw Douglas Coupland’s wonderful exhibition containing Slogan’s for the 21st Century, a standout being Acceleration is Accelerating. (2) It feels like startup accelerators are everywhere; the catchphrase seems commonplace. (3) Now that you’ve had a few moments to ponder this, it inevitably feels … Continue reading »


Killer Startup Tools

We’ve just helped kicked off two new programmes aiming to jumpstart new businesses.  It proved timely to assemble the startup tools and resources that we’ve accrued over the last while.  Some guides, articles, frameworks, diagrams – it’s all in there, just make sure you’ve taken a big gulp of coffee to keep focussed and on the ball.. … Continue reading »

Ain’t No Stopping Us

Ain’t No Stopping Us

Kids absolutely love asking questions: If I can see all those stars, can they really be so far away? Who’s the fastest runner in the world? Where does milk come from? As some kids grow up, their interest may begin to wane, but for others, the complexity and fervour of their questions only escalates as … Continue reading »

Future of Work – Session II

Future Of Work – Session Ii

It’s a very interesting time. But isn’t it always? Like every other generation before us, we believe that we are living in the most rapidly changing time in the history of mankind. External forces have culminated in this very moment, causing a radical paradigm shift in the world of work, and well, just about everything else. … Continue reading »

Startup in Business – Workshops

Startup In Business – Workshops

Knowing how to design a compelling business strategy is an essential skill for any creative leader. As businesses are ecological and evolve, adaptive business planning means gaining a healthy appetite for change and an aptitude for seizing opportunities. This hands-on workshop provides a great opportunity to gain insights to help you turn your idea into … Continue reading »

Design of Business

Design Of Business

The following is an excerpt from our Business Design Booklet in collaboration with Brand Valley Publications: Business Design provides entrepreneurs with the principles and tools designers use when turning their ideas into reality. Business Design starts with your customers’ needs, incorporating your vision and learning from your own experiences. By combining analysis and strategic thinking … Continue reading »

UX It Right

Ux It Right

As you embark on your opportunity-hunting spree equipped with your various professional tools, I thought this might be useful.  Several conversations have had me dancing between the positions of pimping yourself as a Freelancer versus a Full-Time Jobseeker? Now, if you are short on time as I am sure you all are.. I’ll summarise my view … Continue reading »

Levity & Gravity

Levity & Gravity

In his latest instalment To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink makes it clear as day that we are all in sales now. Exploring a range of research studies, an ongoing narrative of the Fuller Brush Man, and so many more wonderful antidotes on ‘Moving People’ – here are just 3 themes that pop out (assuming you just want … Continue reading »

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