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The Office Of The Future

A quarter of a century ago, renowned adman Jay Chiat proclaimed that his agency was moving to a “virtual office.” No more cubicles. No more dedicated desks – just endless open space, with lockers for personal items and day-use-only laptops. Using technology as the ultimate enabler, his knowledge workers would be manoeuvring fluidly in the … Continue reading »

Future of Work

Future Of Work

You’d think after hosting 5 events on the theme of the Future of Work it would get a bit repetitive. Boring perhaps. But it can’t. And it won’t. And here’s why: The shift in the make up of our workforce and in the way we organise ourselves is rapidly evolving — we are at a monumental juncture. … Continue reading »


The Future Of Work

By 2020, sixty five percent of the workforce will be freelancing. Automation will continue to flip every industry on its head.   Exponential organisations will respond to technological change and employees that crave more meaningful roles.  Meanwhile, reinvention and adaptivity will be the traits that make you, the creative entrepreneur, thrive. How will we choose … Continue reading »


Killer Startup Tools

We’ve just helped kicked off two new programmes aiming to jumpstart new businesses.  It proved timely to assemble the startup tools and resources that we’ve accrued over the last while.  Some guides, articles, frameworks, diagrams – it’s all in there, just make sure you’ve taken a big gulp of coffee to keep focussed and on the ball.. … Continue reading »


Future Of Work – Session Iii

The Future of Work Session III Thursday July 16th From 7-9pm @ Shoredtich House 1 Ebor Street London E1 6AW As computing becomes ubiquitous it is drastically changing every industry, and allowing greater choice in how we live and work.  How will creatives adapt and stay relevant?  Can we balance the scales of dependence and … Continue reading »


Organisational Design

Software is eating the world.  Well, at least technology is.  Recently Teehan and Lax folded and joined Facebook.  Leading strategy outfit Undercurrent has just merged with Quirky.  Today, more than ever designing and redesigning a business that can respond to change is absolutely essential.  In this hands-on workshop, we help you establish a framework for capturing ideas, … Continue reading »

Ain’t No Stopping Us

Ain’t No Stopping Us

Kids absolutely love asking questions: If I can see all those stars, can they really be so far away? Who’s the fastest runner in the world? Where does milk come from? As some kids grow up, their interest may begin to wane, but for others, the complexity and fervour of their questions only escalates as … Continue reading »

Future of Work – Session II

Future Of Work – Session Ii

It’s a very interesting time. But isn’t it always? Like every other generation before us, we believe that we are living in the most rapidly changing time in the history of mankind. External forces have culminated in this very moment, causing a radical paradigm shift in the world of work, and well, just about everything else. … Continue reading »

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