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The Guardian, one of the leading media publishers in the world, saw their digital team grow over 12 months from just six to over 100 staff members. Old timers, contractors, bloggers, interaction designers, digital sales managers, and developers were all in the same office but many didn’t even know each other’s name. Even more pressing was that most didn’t know what their colleagues next door actually did.  We developed and delivered a training programme to help address this through ice-breaking exercises, dynamic play, teamwork drills, and a dash of old fashioned fun.



Senior management reported better working relationships across the department and improved collaboration internally and externally with other departments

Participants unanimously claimed to have met all their colleagues, learned a tonne about each other, been inspired and invigorated when returning to work

New and innovative ideas conceived, prototyped and deployed to market

Follow on work has led to designing and delivering workshops as part of The Guardian Masterclass Series



“Most thought-provoking. I really felt that I learnt a new way of approaching the idea of strategic business design.  We’d like to go through material again before our day-to-day work overtakes our new ways of thinking!”

“Really great training style, very engaging and open to debate which is lovely.”


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