Brand Strategy – SOHO HOUSE



Soho House is one of the leading membership clubs in the world. With roots in London we were commissioned to take part in their innovative events programme in the East London chapter. With the ongoing trend towards self-employed we have been focusing on growing creative practices, new models of operating and the rise of robots. Fittingly in curating these events we have dubbed them the Future of Work Series. The 5th edition will take place on May 19th. More info here.


Over 500 attendees from all creative fields coming together to engage, connect and debate

Exposure in print and online media channels including The Huffington Post, House Seven and The Guardian

Creative content production, advancement of partnerships and new work between Hyper Island, BBC Labs and more



“..A roaring success.  A great panel of engaging speakers and a great series of events.”
-Jade Coles, Events Programme Manager, Soho House

Read more about the conversations at the Huffington Post here


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