Design In Business Roundup

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We were recently asked by WeWork’s Creator Magazine to write about how design is helping transform business. Excited as always about the topic, it’s been something at front of mind as of late. The article titled: How Good Design Makes Better Business was well received and yes, thanks to some switched on folks, some additional insights and corrections were made.

What we didn’t anticipate however was the slew of friends, colleagues and complete strangers that would continue to send  related articles, links and other pieces of interest.  Our hunger for more Design-in-Business-Newsiness has now only gotten worse.

Notably, the many conversations about the power of good design and superior user experiences in business are happening on Medium:

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by @awilkinson

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by Kickstarter

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by @bhorowitz


So does good design make better business? The resounding answer is.. hell yes.

The irony is that it’s not so much breaking news as it is about breaking the legacy of dated ways of building, running and growing businesses. To illustrate, we only need look at major players continuing to gobble up design firms, Venture Capitalists hiring in design partners or Airbnb’s recent purchase of a quirky Russian design house.

Thankfully for the uninitiated or the unconvinced — you can soon sit back, grab a beverage, and see how much design really matters..

Until then, we’ll continue to see the creation of user-first organisations that deliver unparalleled customer experiences. And design will take its long overdue curtain call.