Software is eating the world.  Well, at least technology is.  Recently Teehan and Lax folded and joined Facebook.  Leading strategy outfit Undercurrent has just merged with Quirky.  Today, more than ever designing and redesigning a business that can respond to change is absolutely essential.  In this hands-on workshop, we help you establish a framework for capturing ideas, developing principles for organising and collaborating creatively.

Secrets of Unicorn Companies
Adobe Wants to Kill Your Desktop
Testing at Airbnb
Remote Year
What Part of “No, Totally” Don’t You Understand?
How to Read a Book
Free Marketing Advice for Hilary Clinton

Why You Should Care About Holacracy
Go On, Test Your Website
Hyper Island’s Toolbox
John Maeda’s Design in Tech Report
A New Product Performance Consultancy
Responsive Org

Pitching & Presenting @ General Assembly | April 28
How Far Can FashTech Go? @ Maison Assouline | May 6
Developing a Brand Strategy @ General Assembly | May 12

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