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Knowing how to design a compelling business strategy is an essential skill for any creative leader. As businesses are ecological and evolve, adaptive business planning means gaining a healthy appetite for change and an aptitude for seizing opportunities. This hands-on workshop provides a great opportunity to gain insights to help you turn your idea into a viable business venture.

Over two evenings, bridge the gap between business and design and learn to connect all of the moving parts.


  • Visualise your business, validate your model, profile your customers and activate your plan
  • Understand the basics of business psychology and the benefits of good teamwork
  • Learn how to develop and maintain a business culture which continuously fosters innovation
  • Align your vision within a product and market context
  • Experiment to gain new insights and fresh perspectives
  • Help define and shape the value you offer your customers


DAY 1: Tuesday 16, September 8:15 – 9:45 pm
Frame & Shape

Learn to establish a framework for developing your business idea. In this hands-on workshop, you will be driven to define and articulate your problem-solution fit. This involves exploring and identifying the people, partners, planning, and process required to realise your vision. Come away with the ability to translate your business concept into a viable offer that is easy to share with others.

DAY 2: Wednesday 24, September 8:15 – 9:45 pm
Validate & Activate

Interrogate and refine your business model addressing product and market fit, key resources, revenue, and your ability to execute. Develop a plan for how you will test and ensure that what you propose, delivers genuine value to your customers. Learn how to stay attuned to your core vision and purpose, and come away with an actionable business strategy to see your venture develop into the future.

Spaces are strictly limited to 10 – hurry up book yourself in Here

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