Can our bodies really change our minds?

The answer is unequivocally, yes. Warding off that flu with sheer mental prowess (if you’ve ever done that), is arguably more of a challenge than winning that dream job simply by demonstrating the right posture (otherwise known as POWER POSING).  For some great examples just watch any episode of Scandal, Boss, House of Cards, or The West Wing.

The mind and the body are forever entwined in a one of a kind love affair.  In this inspiring talk from Amy Cuddy, we learn anecdotes for exactly how our body language can change people’s perceptions as well as our very own thoughts.  It’s just human physiology.  Learning to raise our testosterone (confidence), and lower our cortical levels (stress), can actually programme our minds for success.

So the tip to take away: succeeding in something can be dwindled down to just how well you fake it.