Looking back on 2011 we decided to go for something a bit different with: You know things might be going pear-shaped when..

1. Your i-pad case is worth more than your i-pad

2. You’ve had more ‘meetings’ in 2011 via Skype than face to face ones

3. You find yourself watching yet another episode of Breaking Bad as it nears 3am Monday morning

4. The Ocado man has been to your doorstep this year more times than you’ve set foot in a grocery store

5.  You no longer recognise [or for that matter care] that Minority Report-styled personally targeted online ads are following you everywhere you go

6. ‘Checking in’ for you no longer conjures up anything to do with planes or hotel lobbies

7. You haven’t read a book from cover to cover this year

8. You have more apps on your phone than phone numbers