Reboot Spring Session

An intimate Reboot session was held this past weekend on the first day of Spring. A heavy fix of caffeine, banana bread and cakes kept players alert as we kicked off with a quick session of Pecha Kucha.  We then honed in on a hot topic that has been at the forefront of media and academic circles: Creativity in Education.

We examined the Greek, Canadian, Italian, and UK systems.  We were left questioning why does Theology play such a formidable role in early education? What if the commonly coined ‘Electives’ became as integral to a curriculum as say the humanities?   How can testing and assessment processes in the UK improve or at the very least not alienate ‘bad test-takers’?

The common string of thought is that curbing creativity from early childhood and re-introducing it as you enter college doesn’t make good sense. This of course is assuming that a future generation will be able to afford or have the desire to attend university.  The group diffused for more cake and then reconvened for a strategy session evaluating ongoing projects, actionable ideas, and new propositions.  We closed with mini presentations from the players.

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