Mental Fitness


It’s no big leap to draw on the parallels of those with athletic prowess and those with supernatural business acumen.  Comparisons of leaders on the pitch and those in the boardroom first sparked our interest several years ago.  The music industry had already transformed into its new reincarnation, and the fashion industry was to follow suit becoming a new beast led by Kate Moss shacking up with Sir Philip Green.  But we are not talking about sports stars using their fame to secure lucrative sponsorship deals a la Tiger Woods nor are we speaking of “Former Gold Medalists” getting caught up in expert insider trading scandals.

This is about the same mindsets that serious athletes share with their relentless entrepreneurial counterparts.   On the ring (or on the ramp) it’s fellas like George Foreman and Tony Hawk who are innovative enough to know an opportunity when they see one.

We’re still working on identifying their Wall Street equivalents…

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